Make Your Case With These 8 Law Firm Interview Questions and Answers

Want a positive hiring verdict? Learn to advocate for yourself during an interview with these eight sample questions and answers.

Make Your Case With These 8 Law Firm Interview Questions and Answers

Just graduated law school, passed the bar, or completed a legal internship? If you’re ready to join the ranks of legal professionals committed to uploading the law and fighting for the rights of the public, you’ll need to first ace your interview. We can help you get familiar with commonly asked law firm interview questions and create answers that state your case for employment.

Law firms never settle for sub-par compensation for their clients. The same goes for the legal professionals they hire. If you want to get a positive verdict during the hiring process, you’ll need to make a good first impression with a hiring manager. So, before you take the stand, take some time to create, refine, and practice your answers to the law firm interview questions outlined below.

8 Law Firm Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Why do you want to work at a law firm?
  2. What are your biggest accomplishments as a legal professional?
  3. How familiar are you with our law firm?
  4. What can you bring to this law firm that other candidates can’t?
  5. Describe your goals in the legal field.
  6. What was your favorite subject in law school and why?
  7. Do you have any courtroom experience?
  8. What questions do you have for me?

Question #1: Why Do You Want to Work at a Law Firm?

Law firms look for candidates who are a good fit—both professionally and culturally. They’ll ask introductory law firm interview questions to break the ice and get to know you. Give yourself plenty of time to create an answer that is compelling and conversational.

Start by answering these questions:

  • What drew you to law?
  • What is your background in law?
  • Do you have a passion for the legal field?

How You Could Answer

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always appreciated justice. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t arguing with teachers, classmates, and even my parents about what’s right and what’s fair. In high school, I participated in our debate team, which led to an interest in law. After completing my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, I knew that law was my calling. I then attended law school, passed my state bar exam, and got my first legal job as an associate attorney for a personal injury law firm.”

Question #2: What Are Your Biggest Accomplishments as a Legal Professional?

Some law firm interview questions are designed to delve deeper into the key accomplishments listed on your resume. Your answer will give employers an idea of your unique contributions in comparison to other candidates.

If you’re not sure what counts as your proudest accomplishment, consider any of the following:

  • A major learning curve.
  • A milestone in your career.
  • An achievement that made an impact on your career.

How You Could Answer

“When I worked as an associate attorney, I received an award of excellence for my dedication to the firm and my role in successful litigation, particularly a high-profile medical malpractice case I took part in. The investigative work I conducted, including interviewing medical staff, made a huge impact on the outcome of the case. It truly made me recognize the value of my work and my potential in the legal field.”

Question #3: How Familiar Are You With Our Law Firm?

Many law firms like to see that you’ve done your homework before going into an interview—just like you would before for a case. If you weren’t already familiar with a law firm when you applied for a job, we suggest doing some research. It’s a great way to show a hiring manager that you’re genuinely interested in the law firm and the job.

Here are some areas to research when forming your answer:

  • The law firm’s practice areas.
  • Goals, values, and culture.
  • Slogans and other unique characteristics.

How You Could Answer

“I was already familiar with the name and slogan of your law firm before responding to the job ad. I have seen your billboards and television commercials. Plus, I have heard testimonials from car accident victims who have hired your law firm and won big cases. I looked at your website and learned that your practice areas go well beyond car accident, and into medical malpractice and workers’ compensation. I feel that I would be a good fit for this law firm because I understand how these cases work and how to work with individuals and families whose lives have been turned upside down by illness and injury.”

Question #4: What Can You Bring to This Law Firm That Other Candidates Can’t?

It’s not a contest. You’re not necessarily comparing yourself to other candidates. But when employers ask law firm interview questions such as this one, they simply want to know which unique skills and qualities you bring to the table.

When creating your answer, consider asking yourself these three questions:

  • How can I make myself stand out within the law firm?
  • What are my key strengths?
  • How can I help the law firm meet its goals?

How You Could Answer

“I’m confident that I can make myself stand out in your law firm because of the experience I bring and my ability to go above and beyond for clients. My key strengths include empathy for clients, investigative skills, and the ability to formulate strong arguments. I feel that these qualities make me exceptional at successfully litigating personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.”

Question #5: Describe Your Goals in the Legal Field.

A hiring manager may ask law firm interview questions regarding your goals to find out how serious you are about your legal career. Be honest about how you envision your future with a law firm and beyond. This shows employers that you’re willing to learn, grow, and adapt to new challenges.

Create your answer by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where do I hope to be within the next five years?
  • What do I wish to gain from working at the law firm?
  • How will I advance my career?

How You Could Answer

“First and foremost, my goal is to go above and beyond to help my clients get the justice they deserve. Career-wise, I would like to advance to a senior associate position within the next five years and possibly expand my practice areas beyond personal injury and workers’ compensation. I feel that this law firm can give me the litigation and courtroom experience I need to advance in my career.”

Question #6: What Was Your Favorite Subject in Law School and Why?

People pursuing entry-level legal jobs will encounter law firm interview questions regarding their education. Employers may gauge your legal interests and knowledge by asking about your favorite subject in law school. Choose a subject that you found the most interesting and relevant to your career goals.

Create a conversational answer that focuses on the following:

  • Why the subject was your favorite.
  • What you liked about the subject.
  • What you learned from the subject.

How You Could Answer

“Torts was my favorite subject in law school, which led me to take the personal injury route in my career. I had witnessed car accidents that were caused by blatant negligence and resulted in serious injuries. I liked how one of my torts classes delved into what constitutes negligence and liability. This didn’t just apply to car accidents. I’ve learned that it can apply to defective or dangerous products, hospital negligence, nursing home neglect, property liability, and much more.”

Question #7: Do You Have Any Courtroom Experience?

For some legal jobs, employers will likely ask law interview questions regarding your courtroom experience. Whether your experience was advocating for a client or transcribing court dialogue, be honest about what you have accomplished in the courtroom.

Be sure to discuss the following details in your answer:

  • Your role in the courtroom.
  • Courtroom duties.
  • Cases you were involved in.

How You Could Answer

“Most of the personal injury cases I litigated were settled without going to trial. However, I handled a couple of car accident cases where the insurance companies wouldn’t budge. One case involved a client who sustained severe injuries in a crash with a distracted driver who ran a red light. I was able to win the case by presenting statements from witnesses, surveillance video footage, and the at-fault driver’s cellphone records. My litigation efforts resulted in a $4 million verdict for my client.”

Question #8: What Questions Do You Have for Me?

So, you’ve said everything you needed to say about yourself, but the interview isn’t over yet. Hiring managers often ask if you have any questions of your own. Show your interest in the position by bringing your own questions to ask at a law firm interview. In fact, asking your own questions is a great way to market yourself and build a strong rapport with your interviewer.

Not sure which questions to ask? You might want to ask for more details about the job and the firm. Consider using the questions listed below.

Questions to Ask During a Law Firm Interview

  • How did you become interested in your practice area(s)?
  • What do your clients typically say about you?
  • Tell me about the history of your law firm.
  • What does your law firm expect from its employees?
  • What was the most high-profile case your law firm litigated and why?

Ready to Make Your Case to Law Firm Employers?

Law firms look for candidates who can make strong arguments for their clients. We hope that these sample law firm interview questions help you advocate for yourself with a hiring manager. In the meantime, upload your resume on Monster to find law firm jobs that align with your goals. You go the extra mile for your clients. We’ll go the extra mile for you by getting your resume seen by job recruiters and sending you free notifications to keep you informed about new legal jobs.